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December 29

I'm a singer, but I'm also a songwriter. So I play a bit of acoustic guitar, and use that and a keyboard to write my songs. In that setting, it doesn't matter if I don't play perfectly. But on stage and in the studio, I should definitely stick to the vocals! I started playing electric and acoustic guitar as a teen before deciding to be a singer, and one day I'll get a new electric guitar, just for fun, because I miss it. 


I am originally from the northwest of Norway, but since the age of 4, I grew up in the capital Oslo, and lived there for many, many years. So I consider myself an Oslo girl, but now live in the city of Stavanger (which I also love).


Early hard rock moments:

The first hard rock song I heard, that I liked, was "Out In The Fields" by Phil Lynott and Gary Moore. I was only 11, though, and didn't know this was hard rock. I thought hard rock and metal was something awful. However, I had a friend who was a year older than me, and she kept babbling about different bands, including WASP. I got so curious, and one day I noticed they were selling "The Last Command" down the street where I lived. The dude on the cover looked pretty cool. I asked my mom for money to buy it, and a few days later, I plugged the headset in and heard "Wild Child" for the first time. I was immediately hooked, a week before I turned 12. The first concert I attended, was Mötley Crüe in Oslo a few months later, and they became my most important teenage idols.


Agnostic. (That means I don't know if there's anything "more", or what it is, or if there is a God, but I'm open minded.) I like traditions, though, especially Christmas... and Easter... And Midsummer Eve and... well, OK, all of it!


I'm a Capricorn with Leo as ascendant (if you believe in that stuff).

I studied cultural subjects (religion, social anthropology, and more) at university, and have a degree called Cand.Mag., which is similar to or a little more than a Bachelor's degree. I also went to "Rock School" at Gauldal / Trøndertun Folkehøgskole / People's College (that was FUN!), and I did a year's study of Mac Design (so I learned how to make CD covers and other useful stuff!)

Other interests:

Cooking, working out at the gym, web and photo editing, writing, googling everything that can be googled. History, politics, folklore, linguistics, religion and even health/nutrition and theories about this and that are interesting to me. I learned to read when I was 4, and since my mom let me read all kinds of books, I became interested in many subjects. 

Good traits:
Good-hearted, generous, romantic, creative, meticulous, loyal, down-to-earth values. Quite handy when I have to be. :) 

Bad traits:
Morning grumpy. Sensitive. Uncompromising if deeply hurt. Can be absent-minded and zone out.

Other music I like:
Even though I'm a rock chick (classic heavy metal and melodic hard rock are closest to my heart), I appreciate music in general. I love classical music, mainstream rock, good pop songs, even some dance, some punk, industrial metal, and I like some ethnic and traditional music, hymns/church music, and older country music. The genres I don't like so much are extreme metal with a lot of dark growling vocals, and the combination of opera girl/growling dude. Never liked it, but I try not to be a bitch about it. ;) Jazz I don't care much about and if you play "ska", I will run away really fast. :D

About music: 
I DON'T CARE what music I'm supposed to like or play. I hate trends, and don't give a f**k whether the music is advanced or intelligent or not. If it's catchy or groovy or has a message I like, I will listen to it. You can never make me feel ashamed of liking any type of music. The type of people who judge music based on arrogance and a wannabe mentality, are killjoys and represent "The Music Police", and I can't stand them. 

Artists I like/influences:
Mötley Crüe, Alice Cooper, T. Rex, Cheap Trick, The Cult, Ozzy Osbourne, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Rainbow, KISS, RATT, Vince Neil Band, TNT, Yngwie Malmsteen, Cinderella, Dokken, Van Halen, Skid Row, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Billy Idol, Guns N' Roses,  Depeche Mode, HiM, Muse, Kent, ABBA, Duran Duran, The Thompson Twins, Simple Minds, Arcadia, Rammstein, Amorphis, Pain, The Darkness, The Sex Pistols, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, The Doors, The Who, Jefferson Airplane, Starship, Robin Zander, Heart, Europe, Steve Vai, Lita Ford, Lee Aaron, Cyndi Lauper, Joan Jett, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, E-Type, Kim Wilde, Madonna, Dum Dum Boys, Janis Joplin, The Ronettes, The Supremes, Patsy Cline, Nirvana, The Smashing Pumpkins, Jane's Addiction, Alice In Chains, All Ends, We, Aerosmith, Def Leppard, Stage Dolls, Anthrax, Megadeth... Not necessarily in that order...


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