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Lead singer and songwriter of Midnight TribeCheck out MT's demo video on YouTube!

Lead singer and co-songwriter of Armoda. The band recorded a new album, "Doggerland" in 2022. Check it out here!

Beatrix was the founder & main songwriter of the Oslo-based band Diabla (Check out Spotify, YouTube.)
In addition, she's done live lead and backing vocals for
Tindrum and lead vocals for the Stavanger band Back In The Saddle.

Beatrix has also released a single as a solo artist: The song "Escape" was released in Jan. 2019. and was the result of the cooperation with producer and multi-instrumentalist Roy Alexander Lind.

The song is available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify ++, and you can watch the video on YouTube.

Also check out the VIDEO page, Spotify and YouTube for music and videos by Diabla and Midnight Tribe, and  "just for fun" videos of Beatrix showing off her vocal skills.


Beatrix, Hansi St. Holmes, Morten Granheim & Fredrik "Freddy" Kjensberg are Midnight Tribe.

Located in East Norway, this rock hungry quartet is ready to play gigs and the band is planning studio recordings this fall. 

Midnight Tribe
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Hollow Illusion & Midnight Tribe
Storgt. 13, Gjøvik

Fri. October 13, 2023


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